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Although they had disbanded in 1995, in 2007, Extreme reunited and headlined Washburn’s 125th Anniversary Party at Winter NAMM 2008.For 2009-2013 Nuno joined Grammy Award winning R&B artist Rihanna as music director and lead guitarist on her world tour, playing to hundreds of thousands of fans across Europe and the U. In order to develop the N Series with Washburn, Bettencourt utilized his extensive knowledge of the guitar and designed each model with an extremely fast neck that allows for easy access to higher frets via the Stephen’s® Extended Cutaway on some models.Both are made in Indonesia and would cost me roughly the same.[ Vote between the Ibanez s670fm or the Washburn N24 - Which is the better guitar from the point of view of build quality and Tremelo system (Zr vs FR Special)I appreciate any help anybody might be able to give.pt=UK_Musical_Instruments_Guitars_CV&hash=item27a7496e00]I would probably switch out the pickups on either guitar for something of better quality later on. can anyone give me an honest, user experienced review of this guitar - The N24 (not the N2 or the N4! Explain the difference between a Floyd Rose Special and a 'Licensed by' Floyd Rose? The entry-level N2 pilfers the foundations from Nuno's USA Custom Shop N4 and packs them into a play-anywhere workhorse.

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The Floyd Rose-licensed trem system keeps you in tune no matter how wild the whammy bar action.

act=view Prod&product Id=1304]It appears to be a decent enough guitar, but without sufficient reviews posted online or lack of decent videos's demoing it, I am sceptical as to how good it might be.

I purchased an N2 [Made in China] Recently, and was very disappointed with the quality of the woodwork and the sub standard licensed floyd.

Depending on the model, a Washburn or a Duncan® ’59 neck pickup & a Lawrence® L-500 in the bridge make this reverse headstock marvel wail.

These super road axes are the gateway to total creativity, just ask Nuno.

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