Updating bathroom tile

I just kept pushing it back and pushing it back in favor of more “fun” projects like painting and stenciling the master bedroom and making over both the downstairs and master baths.Fast forward to the holidays and when the baby caused 00 worth of water damage to the house by flushing a roll of toilet paper.Well, the good news is, the price of glass panels has come down so much in recent times.The shower screen, fully installed, cost a whisker over 0.Apply a coat of either oil-based or water-based paint.

The blue and green hues in turquoise go well with shades of brown.

When we were in the building process and went to the flooring supplier to pick our finishes I distinctly remember them telling us that they would not be sealing our grout.

I mentally marked it on my to-do list and we can all guess how that turned out….

Together with the 5 mirrored shaving cabinet, it's taken the bathroom from drab to fab.

Mid-century color schemes often included turquoise, especially in kitchens and bathrooms.

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